New Health Centre Manager outlines ambitions

healthcentreSince opening in 2009, the Kingswood Health Centre has continued to go from strength to strength and now has more than 5,000 people on its patient list.

The Health Centre has risen to become highly-regarded in Hull due to its high levels of quality and care facilitated by departing General Manager Neil Hewson.

Now, new General Manager Karen Phillips plans to expand on her predecessor’s work by maintaining the high standards of care and quality already in place, but also increase accessibility to all.

Karen, who has a decade of experience with the NHS in areas such as Pathology and General Practice, said she is enjoying her new role.

She said: “One of the factors that attracted me to the Kingswood Health Centre was the standard of care and quality that the Haxby Group has in place.

“I want to ensure Kingswood Health Centre has the best services, the best practices and the best staff and I will strive to ensure that it does.

“I also want to make us more accessible, so I want to make people feel comfortable and confident to come to us with anything. I see Kingswood Health Centre as the flagship site for healthcare in the region and making us accessible is one way of ensuring this.”

Karen also said one of the important factors for the Health Centre was to make sure it is a vital part of the community.

She said: “We have already linked up with the Co-op to hold a Breast Awareness Day in the next few months, with staff available to examine women and men, and provide advice on how to check properly.

“The Co-op will be providing literature and food for the day as well and we hope people come down and speak to us.

“We want to be an integral part of this community and these initiatives will make sure we are – we want to show people they can come to a reliable, high-quality centre and we will continue to find other initiatives to help us reach out to as many people as we can in Kingswood.”

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