Kingswood Parks Primary School opens its doors for the very first time

kingswood-park-schoolKingswood’s state-of-the-art £5.1 million primary school opened its doors to hundreds of schoolchildren in September as the new school year got underway.

The school had been long-awaited on the burgeoning estate for a number of years and now the wait for parents on the 1,700-home development is over.

In July, parents and children had the chance to see the school for the first time at an open day in which parents could see the high standards of the school, speak to the teachers and purchase uniform ready for the new school year.

“The reaction from the people of Kingswood has been absolutely fantastic and we are delighted to be here,” said Headteacher Carolyne Bellamy.

“We have a fantastic team here at Kingswood Parks and we are all looking forward to working in such a beautiful and clean environment.

“The response from the parents and children on the open day was outstanding – it was the response we were looking for.”

Kingswood Parks Primary School has been working with Highlands Primary School, in North Bransholme, to build a framework for success before the school opened.

Highlands Primary has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ in Ofsted reports and has been named as one of the best schools in the country.

Carolyne said: “We want to establish Kingswood Parks Primary as one of the best in the country, so we need to ensure we get everything right.

“The school is starting from a strong foundation and we want to ensure we are providing the highest standards of education so our children come to school with a positive attitude towards learning.

“We will always look at the best standards of practice to ensure we are matching the best in the UK and we are looking forward to the challenge.”

A spokesman for Kingswood Parks said: “The eagerly-awaited primary school is a welcome addition to the community and parents and children have already shown great enthusiasm about the school.

“Carolyne Bellamy has great ambitions for the school and will be fundamental in the educational development of Kingswood’s children.

“The school is a state-of-the-art building which we believe will be very beneficial for the teachers and the children who will spend the first few years of their school life there. We believe it
will be a big success.”

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