Church with community in mind increases presence in Kingswood

churchA church looking to establish itself in Kingswood with a 1,000-seater purpose-built venue has been taking giant strides in maintaining a presence in the community.

New Life Church, which is already established in Bridlington Avenue close to the city centre, set up a base in Kingswood House in July and has organised a variety of groups to appeal to a range of audiences.

The church has also linked up with Cineworld on Kingswood Retail Park for its Sunday morning meetings as it looks to attract people from the Kingswood Parks community to join them.

New Life Support Co-Ordinator Steve Green said: “We have already organised fun days and a number of groups, such as our parent and toddler group in Kingswood and they have been very well-received.

“New Life Church is organising events which appeal to the community and provide Kingswood with a community base in which they can enjoy themselves in a comfortable environment.

“We are encouraging anyone to come to our groups and see what we have to offer Kingswood – we want to be an integral part of this community and we will welcome everyone to join us.”

The church will continue to utilise its Bridlington Avenue venue to facilitate the growth of New Life Academy, house its administration and provide a venue for meetings and events.

For now, New Life Church will continue to operate from Kingswood House and Cineworld for the foreseeable future, providing community groups and adapting them to community needs.

Operations Manager Nigel Lendon said the aim for New Life Church is to become an important
presence in the Kingswood Parks community.

He said: “We listen to the people who attend our groups and adapt what we do to give the community
what it wants and needs.

“Our aims are to meet community needs and change lives – as long as we are engaging with people that want our services then we are meeting our objectives.

“We are already engaging with a lot of people in this community and New Life Church will always welcome anyone who is interested in what we do to join us.”

For more information about the church and its activities, please call New Life Church on 01482 420 620 or visit them at Kingswood House on Ashcombe Rd, just behind The Kingswood pub.

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